15- Still snowing, Wired Café, Chili con Carne

Today it’s still snowing hard, Carolyn and I meet at the library to negotiate a rental car. Not getting at a reasonable price and being starving we give up. We set out for the Wired Café that Carolyn adores.

Chili con carne, organic fruit juice and a labyrinth of small rooms. We settle in the clear plastic covered veranda with two enormous ceiling heaters, a stream, goldfish. In the annex leading to the inside, a staircase with a kind of wide gallery where silence is required and another large central room with lots of computers. Everywhere there are outlets to plug in laptops, some trees, some plants. Only the bar at the entry is without a computer. As usual, fun and gossips.

When we come out, the car is completely covered in snow, but it starts. We return home silently.




22h, a cup of tea near the stove.

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