26- Artist Co-op, Valentine’s Day, Don Juan and Patty Sheehan



As on previous Sundays, curiously, as if it had become the rule, I hang around the house. I promise myself to go for a walk a little later because the weather is beautiful. But I have a very stiff neck and have wrapped scarves around my neck and I am reading.

At 10 past 4 George knocks. ” So Marie, are you ready? ” I totally forgot that I had promised to go to the Taos artist Co-op for a Valentine’s Day celebratation with love songs.

Give 10 dollars for UNICEF Haiti, and that makes me think of Martine in Ethiopia, and how she would have been very good in this musical afternoon.


There we enjoy yourselves.

Many singers came and nearly all sang well. Patty Sheehan, who has been painting for 40 years, decided to take up singing. She has been doing this for the last 2 years. She is currently finishing the recording of a second cd. Her first called Little Plastic Christmas Tree is there on the piano and she tells us :
“By the way, I almost never sell them, take one if you want, or even better, put money in the Unicef box.”

She sang us 4 great songs.
Little stories of nothing, but her presence, her voice although a little worn, and her humor, were superb. We all had one desire, that it continue.


Go back with George, we join the others for our Sunday dinner.

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