27- Stiff Neck, Taos Hum, Sushi, Truffaut and our Favorite Movies

​It continues: laziness and my stiff neck is only slightly improved. So I decide to stay home. Besides, it isn’t very nice out, and now my neighbor stops by and suggests a sushi dinner with George at my house. My room is larger.

We are ready to go shopping, but as I still had a lot of things here, we decided to postpone it this evening and have a brownie dessert made by George instead. And so we spent the evening talking about crime fiction and cinema. George’s favorite film: Jules et Jim by Truffaut, Liz’s is Lawrence of Arabia. And me? I hesitated, Pierrot le Fou, Les 400 Coups, The Night of the Hunter are among those I have seen again and again. Monday blurs. ​
​Now, while little else is happening, I will tell you about a very faint sound, a continuous sound that many people hear in Taos – the Hum of Taos which Pamela had told me about.

Mysterious Hum: The Taos Hum in New Mexico (VIDEO)

She could hear it well at night, she told me.


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