29- Navajo Trader, Shopping, Blur

Reading an odd book “Navajo Trader” which chronicles the life of trading posts in Indian territory and where we see that finally between individuals, things can go well and friendships can be built. Gladwell Richardson (1903-1980) wrote lots of novels published under different names John R. Winslowe, Calico Jones, Cary James, Frank Warner, Don Teton, Buck Coleman, Grant Maxwell, Charles Mc Adam etc … and also short stories which appeared in newspapers. His books were mostly published in England and translated into Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish …
He supplemented his income as a merchant in the Navajo territory with his writings, nearly 300 novels.

Driving to Albertsons with Liz and Carolyn. Shopping time.

Short walk at dusk in the streets of Taos.

I had harbored great hopes with this photo of a richly decorated interior which I pass quite often when I return home at night, at this hour “entre chien et loup” that I particularly like because of its light, often surreal. Yes the red and white object on the right is a superb Indian headdress, floating off the table, one can spot a bouquet of flowers and deep in the shadows, almost invisible, a painting. Finally quite a successful blur as all is left to your imagination.

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