2- Driving with snow, Arriving at the Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos

Albuquerque le matin

The morning sun was soon eclipsed by the white sky above and somber grey on the horizon.
I think I must quickly start off to Taos.

Snow beginning to fall. Everyone is driving calmly and I with an automatic car wonder how to downshift. Finally, it’s not slippery.
Landscape is unrecognizable. In May 2006, all had been red, blue, ochre, clear. Today the brown is powdered with snow and mist. Made up. Faded white.
After Espanola, a little before Taos, the Rio Grande, splendid through the trees that border it.

A very warm welcome.
Casita 9s, s for South, will be mine for three months.

To resist sleep (at 6 pm here the feel is 2 am for me) I go shopping, forget half of the things. I eat and fall asleep too soon.
At 4 am I wake up and listen to the news in a continuous loop. Haiti, a horror story: In a French smothered by a simultaneous translation, I hear the Haitians tell of their abandonment, they will die if no one comes to help. Then something which sounds very serious for American democracy: that corporations can be considered persons and will be able to directly influence political decision making. The weather forecast, it will snow heavily in Taos, New Mexico 6500 feet.
Anyway since I arrived I have not seen any of the mountains that border Taos.

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