12- Sunday in Taos, Coyote in the Snow, George’s images, Emotion

Because of dawdling I went to bed around 1:00 in the morning (jet-lag completely overcome), so I decide to stay in bed. Radio, reading, ran a bath. Passed the morning reorganizing my slides. I change the music. Quick lunch and I leave on the road climbing up towards the east.

As predicted, there are the tall trees, the clouds so pale, the stream narrowed and blackened by snow.

A magnificent grey dog races past me superbly indifferent. So unconcerned that I wondered if it was in fact a dog. But what else?

A coyote? Who knows? I have never seen one !

A short walk in the snow but as I still don’t have good shoes, my feet are freezing rapidly. A good excuse to leave this countryside which looks too much like the areas surrounding winter resorts in France, scattered chalets, snow dirtied by walkers.

What remains in my mind is the beauty of the animal and his running.
Coming down I turn towards the south on the big road a little before Taos and suddenly I get a completely unobstructed view of the city and all the mountains behind. Not bad.
Tomorrow I will buy some shoes.
With such sunlight, I want to go and see the Rio Grande and the Red River which flows into it, a little further north on the way towards Colorado.

Coming back to Taos,
Horses or cows over there, far away?

In front of the supermarket, I pass George, (yes here in the US it is spelled without the s.) We have a coffee.

We return together and he shows me his “images”, as he calls them, which have been photoshopped. There is one in particular that I very much like. Also a montage of rediscovered photographs of his father and him with his two brothers. I find it moving, but I don’t tell him because yesterday he had explained to me that in his work he wanted to avoid provoking any emotion or empathy in the viewer or reader other than purely aesthetic.

Here we are now, without emotion, each one at home, so quiet and the night falls and the moon is nearly as bright as yesterday evening.

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