20- In Maine Snow Is quite Another Story, Santa Fe, the Rental Car, Tippee

Get up early. I draw the curtains and the snow is falling, probably has been for several hours.

Hushed silence.
Of course today would be the day I have to go to Santa Fe to return the car and rent another, much cheaper. Too bad! It might not be today. Breakfast, check the Georgia O’Keefe museum hours, have I got any emails?. Go see Michael as the sink is clogged, and the gas water heater in the kitchen smells sometimes, anything to delay the decisive moment. Because the famous Carolyn, told me yesterday :
– “Marie lets go, to me the snow in Maine is something else, here it’s a joke. We are not going to put it off endlessly.”
Impossible for the daring adventurer I’m supposed to be, to chicken out! Unless I can’t get out of the field where I park.

No problem. The roads have already been salted. With the snow covering everything the clear, unobstructed vistas are quite incredible.

A superb moment with impressive climbs and descents, and over there, the Rio Grande is fast flowing. We have the impression that it has risen during the three weeks since we were there.

Santa Fe is covered in snow. We find our new rental agency and there we get a price far lower than the one we had negotiated on the phone a few days earlier. The guy, quite nice, is very surprised that we have come from Taos. He asks us what we do there. What Carolyn tells him seems to please him, making him very proud of his state for offering residencies to artists:
“Oh yes there is plenty for artists to do here and without a car for sure you will miss a lot.”
So, suddenly, he agrees to cancel the $ 75 fee for not returning the car to the same place. We ask him if it is possible to reduce the price a little more as I will be keeping the car more than two months and he drops the daily price some more. But he has no car for us because we had not told him ahead of time which day we would arrive. This turns out to be lucky because he is embarrassed to make us wait. – “Go have lunch. Behind the petrol station, there, you will find one of the best bars in Santa Fe.” We go and when we return, we find the man washing a huge car, a type of “van”. This is for us! Now we will even be able to arrange picnic outings when the weather gets better.

We skip the museum and we drive back to Taos with the sun shining. The sky opaque, then becoming clear and finally turning orange by the time we arrive in Taos.

Stop by Liz’s house; she invites us in for a coffee, it is six o’clock and she is having dinner, we gossip.

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