30- Kit Carson Forest, Dorothy Brett, Bobo, Ken Russell, Pascale Ferran

After lunch I go to get Carolyn who first reads me the beginning of her play about Dorothy Brett, another of those incredible women who came to settle in Taos.

We leave for Kit Carson Forest, we walk on the paths which are still a little muddy sometimes snowy, but the sun shines bright, we take off our jackets and sweaters. The view of Taos and, as usual, of the mountains around, is a great pleasure.
Coming back, in front of a church, we meet a boy, Bobo, who asks me my name. Once I had told him, he was willing to pose for a picture in his wonderful black and white tee shirt, adorned with a large image of the Virgin Mary.

Later in the evening, I watch Women in Love, a film by Ken Russell, adapted from DH Lawrence’s book, which I like less than my memory of it.
I prefer amongst the various movies inspired by Lawrence’s novels, Pascale Ferran’s low budget film adapted from Lady Chatterley’s Lover. It is more successful in making us appreciate our dear Lawrence, whom I’m interested in at the moment because he lived here and I am at last reading more of his work. To return to the movie, I very much liked that it takes its time to tell the story, which is completely in the spirit of Lawrence. As a critic for Le Monde wrote: “… the glorious rawness of the flesh which emerges from the images is quite splendid…”

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