82 – Hot Springs, Empenadas, Dorothy Brett, Carolyn Gage, Patty Sheehan

Early in the morning, I leave for the hot springs along the Rio Grande. When I arrive at the bridge, fishermen, kayakers, families are arriving.

I no longer recognize the occasionally snowy, deserted place where I’ve been several times before.

At the pool where the springs emerge, nobody. I put on my bathing suit and get into the water. Very hot. Ah, if I had known of these springs, I would have come when the snow was around, it would have been great. This morning I take advantage of it, admire the landscape, swim in circles, try the nearby pool where the hot water mixes with the Rio Grande, cold but bearable. What surprises me even more than the temperature is its clarity and color.

While I’m in the water a group of kayakers pass by, a huge rubber boat, and as I finish getting dressed two young people arrive, out for a hike.

Seeing the water so clear, they doubt they’ll resist the temptation to take a dip. We talk, he introduces himself:
– “Leaf, yes like the leaf of a tree”.
I laugh,
-“Your parents were hippies, no? Peace, flowers, and love!”
-“Yes, that’s exactly right. And by the way they still are.”

The girl’s name is Adrienne, and she says:
-“Oh, that’s nice, you pronounce my name the French way. Here they don’t know how to say it.” We chat a bit more, I leave, they swim.

A It is almost 4 pm and George and I have an appointment to finish the empanadas. Yesterday we finished the stuffing. George cuts the dough, and I fill the circles, fold them in half, and close them.

We make about fifty of them for this evening’s meal. Everybody will be there as well as Michael, his wife Toni, and the members of the board.

After the delicious dinner, Carolyn and Patty Sheehan (the person who sang Don Juan on Valentine’s Day) read the play on Dorothy Brett and DH Lawrence that Carolyn has been writing since she arrived at the Foundation. Once again, I admire the liveliness and style of the play. We all talk about it. What a warm and friendly evening! Bye.

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