83 – Damned Luggage, Taja, Pablo Flores, Rainbow, Theatrical Sky

Je vais rendre la petite valise que j’ai achetée, en choisis une énorme. Conchita, je suis sûre que tu rigoles et penses à Venise et aI go to return the small suitcase I bought and select a huge one. Conchita, I’m sure you’re laughing and thinking about Venice and the oversized bag I carried around for two days. Coming here, I was quite reasonable, but given the cold I bought snow boots, walking shoes, a thick fleece jacket, books… Nothing but light things!

Late afternoon, I leave for the appointment with Taja and Pablo Flores. Lots of people in the store, no sign of Pablo. Taja calls him. Well, he can’t come. Too bad, no problem, surprisingly I was expecting it. After a while we are alone. We return to the reciprocal discovery of our lives, I show her some pictures. She loves the polaroids. At 6 pm, we are still chatting. We exchange addresses. We say goodbye.

As I come home along Kit Carson Street (I mention the name as little as possible as all the Indians hate it), I see a splendid rainbow. I rush to Highway 64. I take a picture.

Derrière les montagnes embrouillardées, des éclairs, un assombrissement orageux; le soleil brille à Taos. Je repars vers l’ouest Lightning and a stormy darkness loom behind the fog-shrouded mountains; the sun shines in Taos. I set out again towards the west, then the north, to have a clearer view. The clouds, more like mists, are dispersing the orange light of the sun, spreading it, no, vaporizing it on the horizon.

No more sun, no more rainbow. The light whitens, turns blue, huge clouds appear at the windscreen.

Là-bas les vaches assombrieOver there, cows darkened by twilight. As always, they graze.

Luggage. Throwing away what’s superfluous. That’s better.
Tomorrow, I leave very early for Cimarron.

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