91 – Lunch and Dinner with Liz, Angel Fire, The Wildness of This Land

About two weeks ago, I had exchanged my small suitcase for a bigger one with a laptop bag, a toiletries bag, a big bag on wheels, and a small rolling carry-on bag. After trying to put books in the small one, the small one in the big one, and then stuffing clothes in, I could barely lift the case. I offered the remaining suitcases to Liz, who in the end didn’t need them after all.

Her son, Logan, and her daughter-in-law, Suzan, arrive to help her send some of her luggage by UPS. We chat, and they suggest we have lunch together at Gutiz. They have lived in Angel Fire, half an hour from Taos, for two years. He was a lawyer for a big firm and retired at 39. Since then, they have had plenty of time to take care of their three daughters, renovate the house they bought here, ski, hike, become a volunteer fireman…

The weather is so nice that we have lunch outside. We resume the conversation. They chose Angel Fire for the peacefulness of the schools and their passion for skiing. Now, they are tired of being isolated, far from everything. They are thinking of selling up and settling in Taos.

We talk about America, about bears waking up after winter, about the mountain lion they saw south of Albuquerque, near the road, about the wildness they love in this land.

The dazzling whiteness of spring.

After a walk around town, I share a last dinner with Liz, who leaves tomorrow.

It’s late. I am alone to enjoy the morada in this golden light of the evening that I like.

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